World IP Week 2020 | IP Quiz Answer key

1. A company XYZ filed a patent application in the year 2000. The patent was granted in 2002. The company can enjoy the patent rights till: 



 2. If a company develops a new technology that improves its main product, what type of intellectual property can they use to stop others from copying their invention? 


Geographical indications




3. The term WIPO stands for

World Investment Policy Organization

World Intellectual Property Organization 

Wildlife Investigation and Policing Organization 

World Institute for Prevention of Organized Crime


4. PCT stands for:

 Patent Cooperation Treaty

 Patent Cooperation Territory

 Patent Completion Term

 Patent Convention Treaty 


5. Why an invention should be patented?

It gives opportunity to license the invention in future

It gives legal ownership on the invention

It gives exclusive rights to stop others from practicing the invention 

All of the above 


6. The rights of a patentee are to stop the third parties from

Selling or distributing patented product without consent of patentee 

Licensing without consent of patentee  

Assigning the patent to others without consent of patentee

All of the above


7. A person qualified/entitled to receive a patent on a new invention is-

The one who invents first 

The one who applies for patent on the invention first

The one who commercialized the invention first

The one who first conceived the invention


8. Patent is granted for

A Discovery

Mathematical formulas 

New invention

Both (a) and (b)


9. Confidential information is an important intellectual asset because- 

It has unlimited lifetime of protection unlike patents 20 years protection 

It contains organization’s Important critical data

It is available exclusively to the organization 

All of the above


10. Patent right is

Limited period right

Territorial right

Absolute right 

Both (a) and (b)


11. Prior art search includes 

Search of Patent literatures 

Search of Non-patent literature 

Both (a) and (b)

None of the above


12. Which is not a best practice to protect intellectual property/ asset of any organization?

Having Non-Disclosure Agreement in place while discussing business and sharing confidential information with 3rd party

Safeguarding critical manufacturing and business know-how as trade secret 

Getting due approvals before external publications and presentations  

Publishing all the R&D and business-critical information for easy access of the public


13. A patent comes into existence:

On the evolution of an idea 

On the first publication in an article

On the acceptance of an application by the Patent Office 

After the first successful use of the article


14. Which of these a Geographical Indication?


Hotel Taj

Play station

Assam Tea


15. Which country possesses maximum number of Patents in the world?



South Korea 



16. What is the WIPO theme of World IP Day, 2019?

IP and Sports

 Women in Innovation and Creativity

Innovation improving lives

Innovate for a Green Future


17. The secret formula of Coca-cola is protected by?



Trade secrets



18.  Industrial Design protects the outward appearance of an article, and not its _________or functional features.




None of the above


19. What is Genericide?

Mass shutting down of companies due to shortage of money

Excessive use of trademark of one company leading to generalization and death

Asking companies to shut down because they don’t have a trademark

This is a made-up word; it doesn’t have a meaning.


20. The first Producer of a cinematographic film is