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The idea behind COVID-19 Pandemic General Awareness Quiz is to aware the Citizens of India about the DOs and DONTs at the time of this Pandemic. The key to success in this Pandemic outbreak is basic knowledge & awareness about the spread of this Virus. Almost every Segment of society is under lockdown so they have turned themselves to work from home and it’s very difficult to engage yourself for this period. In the stretch breaks, this 10 questions quiz can be attempted for FREE from any platform(Mobile, Laptop, Desktop etc.). Unlimited number of participants can attempt. Please share this to everyone who can get benefit from this Quiz.

21 thoughts on “COVID-19 Pandemic General Awareness Quiz

  1. COVID-19 It is a virus which effect whole of the world. Their are 1,05,299 people’s who died due this virus and 15,50,999 people’s ?? are effected by it. Whole world now including ‘WHO’ are preparing the medicine of this virus but mow a days their is no medicine of this virus.
    Most of the countries government gave the order to “lockdown” the country including “INDIA” .

    1. I agree with ur statement but most of the people in country even after announcement of complete lockdown they were gether in same place and go here and there they even don’t follow the guidelines given by the given by government

  2. In this circumstance we all are together to fight with COVID 19 as our PM Shri Narender Modi said we will fight this battle but taking care of ourselves. So stay home #stay safe.

  3. Hlo guys
    Today my comment is only that please don’t go outside plz stay home and stay safe. It’s great for you and your family.Government and respected PM Narendra modi ji told many times that don’t go outside so plz guys I am requesting you to plz stay home it’s beneficial for you and your family.
    Have a great day .

  4. Pahuch gyi ginti #Hazaro me
    Ise #Lakh mt hone do…….
    Ruk jao apne #Ghro m
    Vatan ko #Rakh mt hone do…….!!!!

  5. COVID 19 ( a disaster to living surroundings) !
    The people who are having knowledge or enough literate to understand the effects of this hazardous virus. They take responsibility to make them understand to those who are not having enough idea , what are the precautions and preventive measures required to prevent the spread of this virus.
    After all we are living in a beautiful society where people share each and every things to one another, so it’s our duty to make them aware..
    Tips need to follow :-
    1. Wash your hand at regular intervals of time, with hand soap.
    2. Sanitise the suspected places and take care of children and old age people properly, because they need more attention.
    3.follow the rules and regulations implanted by governments, because they are for our benefits only.
    4.Use the cotton cloths as mask, during bringing of necessary items.
    5. Avoid gathering at a place, if this happen somewhere make them understand, for social welfare.
    6. Have a respect for the people (medical staffs, doctors, police man and every people who where working for us).
    7.And have a patient too, because every thing takes time to get over.. (Here my means for vaccines and proper medicines to get rid of this virus).

  6. Please maintain social distances and be safe from Corona.Corona se Darona.wear always mask when you want out and do sanitized yourself often.

  7. April 12,2020 at 10 pm

    Time to show #Humanity …….Help the needy one’s …..#Stay at home …..#Be safe and possitive …..Have good thoughts…..Everything will be fine soon…..Taking precuations is better than cure ….!!

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