ISERD- learning platform for AI, Robotics, Entrepreneurship with relevance to IP .

ISERD – The first learning app of India that promotes IPR culture along with daily news pack and national/international writings. The app offers comprehensive learning programs for IPR basics and can also be used for clearing the Indian Patent Agent Examination. The ISERD learning program has been designed to make ‘every’ student fall in love with its phenomenal presentation and user-friendliness.

Features –

1. IPR and Innovation – From the basics of IPR to advance the learning of innovation techniques, all can be learned easily through our daily updates on IPR Policies and world innovation strategies.

2. General Awareness – World insights on different fields like technology, Artificial intelligence, start-up ecosystem, etc. can be easily accessed on a single platform of ISERD.

3. Digital library – It works as an online small library by providing books for your different interests like Intellectual Property Rights, R&D aspects, Entrepreneurship skills, etc.

4. Blogs Posting- This app will help you to learn blog writing skills by providing sample blogs written by experienced professionals.

5. Entrepreneurship Ecosystem – Entrepreneurship skills can be learned through our updated articles on world trends.