About Us

About ISERDIndia

ISERDIndia Analytics is  an Organization assembled  by experts from all over the world to address the growing need of IPR awareness. Our team, completely focus on helping and guiding the schools, universities and industries regarding IPR

It encompasses all the fields which can help young innovators in every possible way to achieve success in their lives. We at ISERDIndia make sure on our part, to serve you with every opportunity which your talent deserves. We organize seminars, competitions, open house sessions, knowledge sharing sessions, motivational speeches to make every member aware of their own innovative capabilities and boost them to grow flawlessly.

ISERD- Innovation

Our mission is to make the innovation integral part of society by

  • Cultivating the IPR awareness amongst people.
  • Enhancing entrepreneurship and research skills amongst young innovators.
  • Providing platforms for presenting their innovations and skills.

Vision of ISERD

  1. To make India an innovation hub where investors get their best returns and innovators get their mind’s value.
  2. To be an effective participant in boosting the economical position of our country by  generating a seamless storm of innovation.
  3. To be the only platform in the nation where innovative minds are trained to be the best among the good.
  4. Be a part of  Intellectual’s society directed by top experts from all over the world to get your career and goal a boost. Benefits of becoming the member of ISERDIndia includes career enhancement, technologically updated, networking, leadership  etc
ISERD- Vision

Role of ISERDIndia

Our plan is to make you catch the train of innovation and then slide far away towards success. We want you to not only go with flow but we want you to create a separate base for yourself. We will provide you every single detail about patents, trademarks, innovation challenges, designs etc. to first get knowledge about it and then find your area to grow. We will guide you at each step of your hardwork and promise not to get it wasted.

ISERDIndia takes complete care of your trust on us and  make a everlasting bond with its members. ISERDIndia want to get itself mentioned in your success stories.  So, let’s be friend with ISERDIndia and enjoy the taste of success.