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With its thriving economy, the bustling urban life of its cities, and its stunning landscapes reminiscent of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales, German is the official or co-official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and the Italian province of South Tyrol, thus appealing to many language learners. Learning German will enable you to fully enjoy your travel experiences to these countries. While German native speakers often have good English language skills, German language skills are coveted by many multinational companies and will certainly help you get global exposure to Central European culture. Learning German is the beginning of an exciting adventure that is waiting for you!
Anyone who wishes to learn the German Language can enroll in this online class. Demo class will be arranged prior to admission.
Students who wish to move a step further with their German Language learning, have to produce a certificate of clearing level A1 (beginner) with the date of completion not older than January 2020. Demo class will be arranged prior to admission for checking the competency level of the student for the A2 level.


ISERDIndia Analytics  is the First Organisation in the World for promoting Intellectual Property Rights with Entrepreneurship & Research Development.


World of Innovation

ISERD : In the world leading towards innovation trends, we need to keep ourselves well aquainted with latest technologies, upcoming innovations, market needs. One who is able to get the need of the hour is definitely gonna win this race of innovation. Innovation is not slave to intelligent or rich but it is a common thing like a common sense but difficult to find in a common man. We need to understand the problem of market and then find a suitable solution for that.


Intellectual Property Rights

We at ISERDIndia always aim to make young individuals and market experts to get more familiarise with the Intellectual Property Rights through seminars, national level events, online awareness sessions etc.

ISERDIndia provide opportunities for the students and professionals to grow in the field of IPR by connecting then with our partner companies who are giants in India in IPR field.

AI & Robotics

Technology is not far from us. ISERDIndia has conducted a number of workshops and online seminars related to Artificial intelligence and Robotics to create a virtual image of bright future of Artificial intelligence in the upcoming era.

We have number of partners with us who help us in this journey to educate our youth about technology trends. We are willing to have dedicated labs of Artificial intelligence and Robotics in schools and colleges for students in nearby future

Research & Development

ISERDIndia always keep young intellectuals aware about the ongoing and upcoming research and development  programmes going on within the country as well as abroad . We guide the students who are willing to grow in R&D field by providing them with all the guidance through our online/offline seminars at various platforms.

We, through our social circle helps  connecting people with their extraordinary research works to their beneficiary audience so that individuals can get benefit of their hard work

What will you learn

Intellectual Property

Management Skills

Research Analytics

AI & Robotics


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