Virtual Webinar Series for promoting IP Literacy

The management of Intellectual’s Society for Entrepreneurship and Research Development (ISERDIndia) and DST – Centre for Policy Research, Panjab University have jointly launched a Virtual Webinar Series for promoting IP Literacy and to improve the existing knowledge about IPR in the country. This exclusive webinar is meant especially for students and professionals who are willing to get the deep insights on IPR basics and the related rules and regulations along with their practical applications in our routine conventional work.

1. DEC 20, 2020 (11:30HRS – 13:00HRS) IST

Trademarks, its types and importance for Industries and Startups

a) Trademarks Act 1999

b) Different Types of Trademarks

c) Trademark Registration Process in India

d) The Madrid Protocol

e) Necessity for Industries and Startups

2. DEC 27, 2020 (11:30HRS – 13:00HRS) IST

Copyrights and its application in different Industries.

a) The Indian Copyrights Act 1957

b) Berne Convention for Copyright

c) Copyright Filing Process in India

d) Copyrights in Fashion Industry

e) Copyrights in Media Industry

Key Points of Webinar Series

1. Webinar will be a combined mixture of all the basics of Intellectual Property rights that can make you to explore new career opportunities.

2. Participants can have direct interaction with experts to make webinar more interactive.

3. Participation certificates will be provided to individual participants at their registered mail IDs.

4. Webinar is free for registered members of ISERDIndia.