International Trade & IPR Conference 2020

International Trade & IPR Conference 2020

The idea of trade, and what makes trade valuable for societies, has evolved beyond simply shipping goods across borders. Innovation, creativity and branding represent a large amount of the value that changes hands in international trade today. How to enhance this value and how to facilitate the flow of knowledge rich goods and services across borders have become integral considerations in development and trade policy. In the industrial age, the economic, political, and social significance of international trade has been theorized. The significant rise in the international trade is essential for the growth of globalization.

The Indian Government’s favorable policy regime and robust business environment has ensured that foreign capital keeps flowing into the country. The Government of India has taken many initiatives in recent years such as relaxing FDI norms across sectors such as defense, PSU oil refineries, telecom, power exchanges, and stock exchanges, among others. Apart from being a critical driver of economic growth, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has been a major non-debt financial resource for the economic development of India. Foreign companies invest in India to take advantage of relatively lower wages, special investment privileges like tax exemptions, etc. For a country where foreign investment is being made, it also means achieving technical know-how and generating employment.

The integration of domestic economy through the twin channels of trade and capital flows has seen acceleration over the last two decades as India’s GDP reached INR 203.39 lakh crore (US$ 2.88 trillion) in 2019-20. India’s trade and external sector had a significant impact on the GDP growth as well as expansion in per capita income.

Total export from India (Merchandise and Services) stood at US$ 528.45 billion in 2019-20, while total import was estimated at US$ 598.61 billion according to data from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Merchandise export stood at US$ 314.31 billion in 2019-20, while merchandise import touched US$ 467.19 billion in the same period. The estimated value of services export and import for 2019-20 stood at US$ 214.14 billion and US$ 131.41 billion, respectively. India registered a trade surplus of US$ 11.70 billion for the first time in almost 18 years.

The Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) is an international legal agreement between all the member nations of the World Trade Organization (WTO). TRIPS Agreement plays a critical role in facilitating trade in knowledge and creativity, in resolving trade disputes over intellectual property, and in assuring WTO members the latitude to achieve their domestic objectives. The Agreement is a legal recognition of the significance of links between intellectual property and trade. The TRIPS Agreement has an additional important general objective that is intellectual property protection should contribute to technical innovation and the transfer of technology. Both producers and users should benefit, and economic and social welfare should be enhanced, the TRIPS Agreement says.

Intellectual Property, (IP) refers to creations of the mind. These creations can take many different forms; such as artistic expressions, signs, symbol and names used in commerce, designs and inventions. Governments grant creators the right to prevent others from using their inventions, designs or other creation and to use that right to negotiate payment in return for others using them.

Tamil Nadu Technology Development and Promotion Center (TNTDPC), an autonomous society of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII); and Intellectual’s Society of Entrepreneurship and Research Development (ISERDIndia) is planning to jointly organize an International Trade and IPR Conference 2020, in order to promote the importance of international organizations and  its relevance of promoting multilateral trade agreements such as TRIPS (Trade related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) with an equal importance to the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and its need in the interconnected economies. The conference will also focus on the role of Ministry of Trade and Commerce, Government of India in jointly working with Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) in order to promote the Ease of Doing Business (EoDB) for MSME’s and other small ventures with an equal importance being given to relevance of IPR in India. Also, the conference should be able to focus on the role of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI’s) in promoting the industry and production in the country in order to fulfil the Prime Ministers’ aim of India being self- reliant (aatma- nirbharta); promoting the true sense of creativity and innovation among Indian youth and motivating them to set up production units inside the country thus also focusing on how to safeguard their ideas, designs and creativity through IPR.

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World of Innovation

In the world leading towards innovation trends, we need to keep ourselves well acquainted with latest technologies, upcoming innovations, market needs. One who is able to get the need of the hour is definitely gonna win this race of innovation. Innovation is not slave to intelligent or rich but it is a common thing like a common sense but difficult to find in a common man. We need to understand the problem of market and then find a suitable solution for that. And so it is important to be aware of Intellectual Property Rights.

Multilateral Trade

In 1946, the United States and the United Kingdom invited a large number of countries for a conference in London to discuss trade and employment. From this attempt to create an International Trade Organization (ITO) to the creation of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and the birth of the WTO, this video traces, with images, some key moments in the history of the multilateral trading system.

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Mr. Ramanan Ramanathan

Mission Director, Atal Innovation Mission,
Additional Secretary at NITI Ayog, 
Government of India
Untitled design (17)

Mr. Charles Randolph

Head, Global Health
Global Challenges Divison
World Intellectual Property Organization
Untitled design (20)

Mr. Sujith Subramanian

Senior Manager, Innovation & 
Intellectual Property Management
Samsung R & D, India
Untitled design (22)

Mr. Padmin Buch

Senior Domain Expert – IPR and Convenor
MSME Policy Taskforce
CII, Gujarat
Untitled design (25)

Mr. Luv Tanwani

Deputy General Manager – Legal
Cummins India
Untitled design (15)

Ambassador (Dr.) Mohan Kumar

Chairman, RIS, New Delhi
Dean, Office of the International Affairs and
Global Initiatives, Jindal Global University
Untitled design (16)

Mr. Antony Taubman

Director, Intellectual Property
Government procurement and Competition
 Divison, World Trade Organization
Untitled design (19)

Mr. Mohammed Faisal

Head of IPR Department
L & T Technology Services Limited
Untitled design (23)

Dr. Roshan Palewar

CEO, Global Pharma Leader
DocRoSh Global Solutions
Untitled design (26)

Mr. Amitkumar Patel

Registered Indian Patent Agent
IP Law Practitioner
Untitled design (14)

Mr. Rajesh Batra

Head-Centre for MSME
Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs
Ministry of Corporate Affairs
Untitled design (18)

Ms. Pragya Chaturvedi

Senior Intellectual Property Advisor
(UK IPO Attaché)
British High Commission 
Untitled design (21)

Mr. Nishant Sharma

Lead Counsel (India) 
IP & Litigation
Dolby Technology India Pvt. Limited
Untitled design (24)

Mr. Harit Mohan

Founder & CEO
Signicient LLP in India & Signicient LLC in
 Delaware, USA
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Mrs. Priyanka Mukherjee

Deputy General Manager – Legal
Pfizer Healthcare India Pvt. Limited

This Engineer’s Day get ready to integrate diplomacy, trade, IP and innovation. India’s one of the largest and integrated virtual two days conference namely, International Trade and IPR Conference 2020. Hear insights from experts from organizations like WTO, WIPO, Niti Aayog and diplomats from India, Australia and United States. 

E- Certification to every participant, conference supported by CII, L&T, Samsung and Dolby.

Frequently asked questions

No, as of now no such combination of Trade and IPR conference has been held since lockdown.

There will be 4-5 international speakers and 10-12 national speakers that have already represented many international forums.

Any person even knowing bit knowledge of Trade and IPR can attend this conference and can realise the actual benefit of conference.

There is no as such eligibility criterion for registration. Foreign national people can also join the Conference.

Those who will be attending conference will be given opportunity to directly ask their questions to the international speakers as well as they will be directly intimated for future events of ISERD India.

Yes, overall perspective of IPR will be discussed by experts in IPR domain.

Career opportunities in International Trade are wide and it will be briefly discussed by the speakers and any doubts will be settled on the spot by speakers.